Your Passion & Caring May Not Be Enough - Discover How to Get More Donations to Help You Help Others

People all over the world want to support you ...
Just give them the chance - it's easy

How much money do you need to reach your goal - and when do you need it?

As you read every word of this article, you will discover quickly how to unleash the generosity and support of people around the world ... people who can relate to your challenges ... people who understand how important your work is. Reach out to these people and receive more than money.

What will you do with donations averaging $100 each - some contributions are as high as $3000? Groups and individuals like you use the power of the internet to reach out to people with the same interests, hopes and dreams. We all want to be part of something bigger - to be involved in challenges, solving problems and making a difference. Which of the following describe your challenge? (Check all that apply)

     You run a forum or gaming site - giving people an outlet for their interests and hobbies - a distraction from their own troubles and worries even if for just a little while. Operating costs are increasing but if just a few people chipped in to help pay them ... you could put more time and energy into your online community.

     Your friend or family member - maybe even your child - is sick or injured. You need to get the right medical care but it's more than you can afford. Feelings of despair and helplessness turn to gratitude and hope when people around the world offer their help.

     You are on a crusade against corporate greed and government corruption. You dig up and uncover facts - letting people know about cover-ups, fraud, scandals and hidden agendas. You motivate people to think about what's really going on - giving your readers a fresh perspective that goes beyond what the media is telling us.

     You are a leader in a volunteer organization committed to improving the lives of the innocent and helpless - victims of violence, crime or natural disasters, suffering children in need, animals that need protection or rescue. You are working to do what's right and you know others want to get involved too.

     You are part of a small church group with plans to help your community. You have volunteers but need supplies and equipment. Your generous spirit will encourage people in other communities to offer their help too.

     You have a blog or website providing valuable information to people for free - special medical news, alternate treatment options, tips for finding work, coping with personal crisis, etc. You could charge for your expertise but you want to help more people. Even experts need to keep up with their research - books, newsletters, computers, software, tools and supplies all cost money. Accept donations automatically and you can focus on what you are good at - without the tedious distraction of finding money too.

     You are organizing a special event (birthday, wedding, scholarship, excursion, garbage cleanup, community awareness, etc.). Give friends and coworkers an easy way to pitch in even if they can't participate directly. Save yourself time and effort collecting from every one when a quick email with your donations link will do the trick.

     You have a new product idea - an invention that will solve a major world problem (hunger, clean water, pollution, fuel efficiency, recycling) or even a small but annoying issue. It's a great idea - one that could launch your small business. You are working day and night on the prototype - a piece of equipment and a few more supplies is all you need ... so close.

     You are a political candidate with fresh new ideas but you aren't rich or connected like the others. You want action! Reach out to others demanding change with you. Use social networking sites - get them involved with your fundraising campaign and make it happen together.

There is something special about your goals - you aren't working for a big charity just asking for more money (for who knows what). You have a specific and genuine need for financial support - details that people on the web can relate to. Big charities, volunteer, non-profit and religious organizations do good work but they have:

  • Programmers to develop complex donations forms
  • A Merchant Account to accept credit card payments
  • Sophisticated database management and accounting systems
  • Big budgets for advertising and administration
  • A call center to accept phone donations and checks
  • Huge mailing lists to solicit contributions

Can you compete with these big organizations for donations? Yes you can!

People are jaded and wary about big charities - they want to know where their contributions are going. What is their hard earned money being used for? I'm sure you feel the same way. And, of course, you've heard the stories of huge administrative costs eating up donations ... little if any actually goes where it should. But generous people everywhere still want that joyful feeling that comes from giving and helping. It may sound strange, but the web actually lets people from around the world connect on a more personal basis - you can build relationships with a deep level of trust. This closer connection is the key for you to get more donations online.

Imagine having a simple online widget that will:

  • Quickly and easily fit into your Blog, Website and even your social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace - no complicated programming or database required.
  • Accept and track donations 24 hours a day every day - while you work on what is really important.
  • Show people how much you need and how close you are to your specific goals. Dynamic updates create anticipation for reaching your goal - build excitement and encourage even more donations. Motivate people toward an almost tangible end result and create a shared feeling of accomplishment.
  • Use PayPal Instant Payment Notification technology - safe and secure online money transactions. PayPal makes it easy for people to donate to you with or without a credit card. And you don't need to jump through hoops to get a Merchant Account - PayPal accounts are free.
  • Use one service to handle multiple contribution campaigns - support more than one goal at the same time. As busy as you are, you have many things on the go at once trying to do as much as possible. Give a good reason for each specific goal and get more donations - get more done faster.
  • Appeal to your visitors by accepting major international currencies - make it as easy as possible to receive donations. Avoid currency conversion fears that make people turn away from your site.
  • Send RSS and XML data feeds into your websites - hook in dynamic content to enhance your search engine ranking. Fresh content gets you a higher ranking so your web pages get seen by more visitors - more traffic equals more donations.
  • Display recent and top donors with a user name or alias to provide recognition. Instill a competitive spirit and get bigger donations.

You would expect to pay $500 or more for all of this - that is what other fund raising systems go for. And that's just the initial cost - on going support is extra. Like you, I think that is way too much. There is a better system that provides you all the benefits above ... it's not only affordable, it's easier to use too.

Donations Tracker is a clever system designed by Stellar Web Solutions. It was built on top of technology developed for a shopping cart and electronic delivery system. While helping friends and consulting with clients, the lead developer discovered more and more people trying to help others with their services for free. But in many cases, they were hitting dead ends and financial obstacles - how can you use the internet to overcome financial limitations and keep these important services free? With this problem in mind, when he saw a thermometer used in a charity fundraising campaign, it triggered an immediate chain reaction of ideas.

Surely there had to be an existing solution to this problem. One that was both effective and affordable. He researched the market. You'll be happy to hear that disappointment turned to excitement when he realized he had the pieces to develop his own solution. With a few innovations, he transformed his core online payment system into an online Donations Gathering Service.

And of course, Stellar Web Solutions used their online expertise to make Donations Tracker easy to use for both you and your visitors. Working with existing clients, it was discovered that smaller, specific financial goals attracted the most donations. You describe your challenge almost like a story but it has no ending yet. As donations pour in, the visual display provides immediate feedback. When you get closer to your goal, donations speed up. It's like the end is in sight and people want to see your goal to completion - because then your main story can continue.

Get More Donations with Specific Goals - Use Donations Tracker and See the Results!

"Ask and You Shall Receive"

When you consider the power of the internet at your finger tips, that verse is Profound! You can literally ask the world ... over 6 billion people. When it is important to you, many other people will find it important too.

If you are not on the web yet, create a Blog and get on Facebook or MySpace all for free. Then write your story - put the news out there and ...

Begin a contribution campaign today. Get more donations than you can imagine for just a little more than a $1 per week. As you sit there reading this, I know that you're thinking about all the ways you can use Donations Tracker - a subscription is only $59 per year. That's less than the price of a coffee ... per week. You get immediate access to setup one or more donation campaigns. Reach your goals faster ... start now - before it's too late.

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You can even use Donations Tracker to pay for it self.

But wait ... I want you to be free of those pesky money worries so you can concentrate on what you do best. For a limited time only, you can get a short term plan for as little as $9 per month. You get all the benefits without the long term commitment - once your goals have been reached, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

How rewarding would it feel to gain the support of people around the world that believe in you? Boost your energy and enthusiasm knowing that people care as much as you do.

Get More People Involved - Accept Online Donations Now

Be proud that you are making a difference in our world. Thank you for being one of the few who really care.

Helping You Help Others,

Michael Kortekaas

P.S. How long can you wait for the money you need to succeed ... before your goal is no longer relevant? Don't let money limit your potential. Start using Donations Tracker today and open up a world of possibilities. A little contribution from a lot of people can work miracles.

P.P.S. Some people struggle alone rather than risk embarrassment or rejection when asking for help - especially when it deals with money. They would rather offer help than receive it because helping people and doing the right thing feels good. Why not let other people enjoy that wonderful feeling too - accept and appreciate their donations. Give people a chance to get involved - you are not being selfish or greedy when you put their money to good use. It's almost selfish not to let people help.

Please don't let money stop you from helping others ...
Get more donations and make a difference your way!

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